Cancer's side effects on my life and business

Social media has a way of letting people into our lives so easily (like hello, I was able to live stream my piano getting moved into our new house)… but so often we only share what I like to refer to as our “highlight reels.”

Today I'm sharing what being the wife of a cancer survivor looks like through my eyes because, well, I've never really shared my side of the story. I'm also telling this hoping that letting you in to my life past my highlight reel and sharing my lessons learned will be encouraging or inspiring to at least one person who reads this!

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How to be Your Own Artist Manager

When I started my artist management internship in 2011 - I knew next to nothing about the music business! But as a list maker and organizer, I quickly made multiple checklists so that I could keep up and make sure I was on track. A year later, I was hired full time at that management company because those checklists had proven to be a necessity to function! Woah. Cool.

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Bestie Feature: Angela Mastrogiacomo

Angela has been part of the Music Biz Besties community from the beginning. Although we can't remember how we initially crossed path, I'm so glad we did. Last week Angela joined me for a Bestie Chat and shared her amazing insight on the PR side of the music industry and also on mental health... and I love her take on all of it!

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