Website Design →

You need a website that fully reflects your music and brand, stands out from the competition, and keeps your raving fans ready for more. A website that speaks to your audience in ways that simple words cannot.

I believe that a website is more than just pretty graphics plugged into a simple layout. I craft each website to fully reflect the essence of the musician and implement seamless marketing strategies to help fans navigate with ease.

Marketing →

You know having a strong social media presence to grow and engage your audience online is important. But, you constantly feel behind when it comes to social media... whether that’s not posting consistently, planning ahead, or keeping up with the trends.

You want to feel in control of your online presence. You’re ready to commit to posting with strategy and intention and are willing to step it up to make a change.

Community →

Join the community of 1,700+ women in the Music Biz Besties community. The community is hosted by Designing the Row and offers exclusive access to free resources, the Music Business Job Forum, as well as opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate with other powerhouse females in the music industry.