5 Ways To Refocus Your Online Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Refocus your Online Marketing Strategy

New year. New you... New marketing strategy.

Do you feel like all you ever do online is just try to keep up with everyone else? If so, this post is for you!

January is a great excuse for a fresh start and today I want to talk about your social media and share 5 easy steps you can take today to feel more confident and in charge of your online presence.

1. Update your look across all social media platforms

Consistency is key in my book! Having a consistent look across all online platforms looks both professional and intentional.

  • Make your default profile image the same on ALL social platforms (don't forget YouTube). This will make your brand much more recognizable.

  • Use Canva to create header graphics. Even though each social platform has different dimensions, make sure to create a similar look across all platforms here too - meaning: same background color, images, and fonts. Remember, consistency is the goal.

2. Rewrite your bios

Instagram bios are front and center, so usually info in Instagram bios are up to date. But... maybe you're guilty of an outdated bio on Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube? Do yourself a favor and double check all your accounts to make sure your links are working and your info is up to date.

  • Keep it simple but make sure to include a call to action.

  • Again, consistency here is a good thing.

3. Define 3-5 categories or topics you want to share

The whole "trying to keep up" or "not knowing what to post" struggle is real! But if you come up with specific categories to share consistently, figuring out what to post will become so much easier. For example, on my Designing the Row Instagram account I stick to a specific color palette and I share photos of my work space, headshots, quotes, and images of my design/products. I also have a rule to only post photos taken with natural light (aka no dark and blurry photos).

Here are a few questions and ideas to help you define your categories: 

  • What is your account all about? If someone was new to you, could they tell who you are and what you do based on your top 9 Instagram photos?

  • If you haven't already, get your 2017 Best Nine at 2017bestnine.com to see what your followers enjoy seeing most from you. Chances are you'll see a theme. Make sure to incorporate more similar content in the future.

4. Stick to a plan

I personally love using Buffer. When I schedule my social media posts in advance my message becomes much more cohesive, the timing becomes consistent, and I'm freed up to be able to spend time responding to comments in real time instead of trying to figure out what and when to post.

  • Create a Buffer account and link your socials... you can use it totally free!

  • People like when they can predict your content. Think about Buzzfeed for example, you know exactly what to expect when you go to their Facebook Page... and that's why you follow along!

5. Turn off notifications

Do you get distracted when you see an social media notification pop up on your phone. You know... your phone lights up, you check to see who liked your post, you open the app to check how many likes/comments you've gotten so far, and then you get lost in the scroll.

  • Turn. off. notifications. For everything! You will become so much more productive without your phone lighting up every other second.

  • When you don't have notifications, you start using social media in a new (and better) way! Instead of aimlessly scrolling all the time, you'll only open socials with the intention to post or communicate.

To summarize, a great online marketing strategy comes down to consistency.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you're implementing in your marketing strategy this year!

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