16 Instagram Ideas for Musicians

16 Instagram Ideas for Musicians

Ever open Instagram to make a post and have no idea what you should share? Here's a quick list to give you some ideas!

  1. Link the profile URL to your subscribe or shop page

  2. Create a consistent mood and color vibe across all photos

  3. Start a hashtag for your band and encourage fans to use it at your live shows

  4. Share a detailed story behind a photo

  5. End your caption with a question to encourage comments

  6. Share lyric graphics

  7. Ask fans to tag their friends who live in cities where you're playing

  8. Post pictures when you go to other artists' shows

  9. Use the geotagging feature

  10. Use the bio characters to explain the link you share (refer to #1)

  11. Grab viewers' attention in the first sentence of your caption so they'll click to read more

  12. Hide hashtags in the 1st comment

  13. Share others' photos and tag them in your post

  14. Share videos using Instagram Stories

  15. Go live and perform cover songs

  16. Comment on posts of artists who have your ideal audience

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