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July Mastermind

Who: The Mastermind will be split into five separate tracks each with five spots. That’s only 25 spots total! The track you choose is up to you.

What: I will send out several questions in advance for you to prepare before the Mastermind call. During the call each person will have a 10-15 minute hot-seat opportunity to answer the questions and get feedback from the group. The questions will be different for every call and each track will have different questions and topics to discuss. I will be there to lead each call, but the overall direction of the conversations will be up to the group’s specific needs. Every call will end with setting attainable goals you want to reach before the next meeting.

When: Exact days and times will be set depending on registrant’s schedules. Mastermind call time will vary depending on the number of attendees but can range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hour.

Where: Online via Google Hangouts. If you’re Nashville based, you’re welcome to participate in person at my office.

Tracks: Music Major, Job, Money, Artist, Entrepreneur/Industry

Level: Upgrade to include a 1-on-1 session with Katherine in addition to the group Mastermind call.

Read the full Mastermind description here.

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