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Strategy Sessions

One-on-one personalized strategy sessions

You're busy writing, recording, doing press, going to photoshoots - and the last thing you have time for is marketing. You're so proud and passionate about what you've created but you feel lost when it comes to putting together an online marketing strategy to get your new music out into the world.

That's where strategy sessions come in!

Week 1

Refine your goals & develop your messaging

Week 2

Put systems in place & get to know your audience

Week 3

Create your launch strategy and plan

Week 4

Design visuals & begin your launch sequence

Week 5

Educate, Engage, Promote!

Week 6

Launch & Celebrate!

How it works & what strategy sessions include...

This is for you if You want…

  • Personalized marketing strategy for your upcoming album release
  • More people in your audience so you can make a bigger impact
  • More confidence in sharing your message
  • Exact how-to instructions on social media and email marketing


  • Each Monday you will get detailed email instructions with daily action items for the week.
  • Every week you will have a one-on-one strategy session with Katherine via phone or video chat.
  • You will have email access to Katherine for any questions you have between calls!


2 payments of $297
Your first payment is due before the first strategy session and second payment is due at the start of week 4.


1 payment of $594
Pay in full for all 6 weeks of strategy sessions.


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Steep Canyon Rangers

"Katherine has been an expert at helping our band with our online presence! Her artistic skills help the group have a professional image with a current modern touch. She also is great at helping monitor traffic to better target your audience!!"

- Woody Platt, Steep Canyon Rangers

Alaina Stacey

“I had no idea what I was doing when it comes to marketing and branding and developing a social image that’s consistent with my music and who I am as an artist – it seemed way too hard and confusing. Once Katherine got involved, she showed me how to develop my social media pages, get organized, and keep track of things in a way that made sense and was actually fun. That kind of work can be daunting, and Katherine made it manageable and simple.”

- Alaina Stacey, Maybe April

Lauren Manderbach, Alloy Signature

After talking to Katherine for just an hour I left feeling inspired, enthusiastic, and ready to dive into some new career goals. She answered some questions that I have had for a while and was able to set me on the right path to a business restructure. She is super knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Thank you Katherine for all of your help. I truly appreciate you and all you have done.

- Lauren Manderbach, Alloy Signature