Market Your Music Online Workbook

Market Your Music Online Workbook

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1st Edition (August 2016) ships immediately... limited availability!

2nd Edition (October 2017) ships on or around November 1

Market Your Music Online takes out the stress and overwhelming guesswork while making it easy for you to create a consistent marketing strategy. It's filled with words I hope will inspire you to authentically create and perpetually grow an online fan base you love interacting with! 

This workbook is a collection of resources I have created throughout my time working in artist management, event planning, web design, and marketing in the Nashville music industry.

Whether you're a new college grad or a Grammy Award winning band with a record label... let Market Your Music Online become your go-to online marketing planner and resource.

I can't wait to see what you make happen, in music and online!

What's Inside?

Meet Katherine
How do you stand out?
Who are you talking to?
Why do you hashtag?
How do you keep track?
What is your brand style?
What and when should you post?
Is your YouTube channel good enough?
What's your email conversion rate?

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