Brie Beeks, Blissful Bosses

“Katherine isn't just a designer. She has a lot of business experience and strategy up her sleeve! Before she got ahold of my website, my homepage didn't have a purpose and wasn't converting my visitors into leads. She structured my website in a way that gave my audience no-brainer opportunities to join my email list, visit my sales page, AND BOOK WITH ME!

I've received a million compliments on how gorgeous my website looks. The high end experience that they receive has given me even more confidence to up my prices and my profits. Beyond all of that, working with Katherine was seamless. She over delivered (of course because that's who she is, an over-achiever). She sent me graphics that I didn't even know that I needed but use almost daily now!

I was stressed almost to tears creating my sales page. I was working on it for days and made ZERO progress. After I the most brilliant idea to date, to hand everything over to her, felt like Christmas morning when I was 10. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart, Katherine, for everything you've done for me and my business!”

- Brie Beeks,