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Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and I told her about this book I recently read and how I think I might keep re-reading it because the message really motivates me to do big things in both my life and business.

Of course she asked what it was about... and to summarize: it encourages you to go after what you want. And don’t wait - because you deserve (and are more than capable of) an amazing life right now.

Of course we all know this to be true, but sometimes it’s hard to just “do the thing” you know you need to do. Right?

I want you to think about what it is that you’re waiting for. You know, “if I just had x amount of money.” Or, “if only my job title were better.” Or maybe, “if I could just book a few more shows/clients.”

Then what?

What would you do if you had that money, job title, more shows or clients?

I’m gonna take a guess and say that it’s not actually those things that are holding you back. Those are just excuses you’re telling yourself.

I say this because I realized this exact truth about myself while reading said book. I caught myself saying, “if only” and discovered I didn’t have a “then.”

So you know what? I came up with my “then” and realized I was the only thing keeping myself from achieving my big dreams.

This is a huge part of why I’m relaunching Designing the Row next week! I love this business I’ve created... I’m crazy about the tribe (YOU) that has joined in with me on this journey... I’m confident in my work and my processes... and I’m ready to show the world what I’ve got to offer!

You don’t need the money, title, or whatever you think you might need to go after what you want. You just gotta face your fears and actually do it!

Two things...

  1. Take some time today/this weekend to really get clear on what excuses you’re telling yourself as reasons why you’re waiting to take action. Figure out exactly what you want those actions to be... and make a plan to start making those a reality ASAP!!
  2. If you enjoy my emails, have ever learned something new from one of my blog posts or webinars, or are one of my Besties... will you take a minute to watch my new video and leave me a comment and share it with your friends?

Thanks! And remember, you got this!

Katherine Forbes | Nashville Website Design for Musicians

Katherine Forbes, Founder of Designing the Row

A Music City girl obsessed with creating confidence in my clients through design, branding, marketing, and community. In today’s world, your visual branding and online presence will either make or break you. I’ve got my Diet Coke in hand and am ready to get started on your next project.


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