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I'm not gonna lie... I've been playing Vaudevylle's music at high volumes since Ashley sent it to me. Today Vaudevylle is releasing their single, "Date You," which is the first of several new songs coming soon.

When Ashley first reached out to me the band already had a Squarespace website, but it wasn't doing much for them. Aka, it didn't have a branded look that stood out, it didn't have font or color consistency, and overall it just needed some layout help and love. 

To get started I put together 3 branding boards each with different color schemes to help them decide what direction they wanted to take the look (see the final board below). Once they decided on the blacks/golds, I put together a landing page to collect email addresses while I worked on the rest of the site.

I'm so excited for you to see the new website today but to also introduce you to Vaudevylle! 

Ashley, I've loved working with you and am so excited to see what the future holds for Vaudevylle!

Final Branding Board

Vaudevylle music | Website Branding Board


Squarespace Pacific homepage layout | Vaudevylle music

"Date You" Announce GIF

Coming Soon gif | Date You | Vaudevylle

Listen to the new single, "Date You"

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