Tour Logistics: Contracts, Travel, & More

Today in the Music Biz Besties Facebook group the "Tuesday Ask" prompt was all about touring! The comments and questions were so great that I decided to do a FB Live to share all about tour logistics and to answer some questions from the group.

Tour Logistics | Concert Contracts, Travel, & More

Watch the Replay

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In this video you'll learn...

  • Contract lingo: Guarantee, percentage, bonus/overage
  • Travel logistics: Booking flights, itinerary details, rental cars
  • Soundcheck details
  • Festival logistics
  • Merch: Who sells, venue percentages, shipping in advance, festival specifics, spreadsheets, and more!
  • How to get started as a tour manager, plus a few qualifications
  • Who does what: Tour manager + merch seller + sound engineer
  • How to be a great tour manager (hint: check in with artist management)
  • & more!

If you still have questions - leave them in the comments!

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