Take Your Brand to the Next Level

"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." - Zig Ziglar

I told you I was going to share exactly how I exceed my income goals... grow my email list... and the social media schedule I use to continually grow engagement & reach.

Well, this is it! Welcome to Launch Fast!

Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Launch Fast is a 6-week program designed to take you from making things up as you go... to having a strategy in place that works for you and your business!

Are you a musician working on revamping your visual brand, building an online presence, AND preparing for your next release? This is for you.

Do you dream of doing business on your own terms - whether that's being a tour manager or owning your own music business company? This is for you.

Are you looking to expand your client list... to include multiple ideal clients? This is for you.

Launch Fast

We start February 13th - and there are only 20 spots available! Here's what you can expect...

Week 1 • Refine your goals & develop your messaging
Week 2 • Put systems in place & get to know your audience
Week 3 • Create your launch strategy and plan
Week 4 • Design visuals & begin your launch sequence
Week 5 • Educate, Engage, Promote!
Week 6 • Launch & Celebrate!

In Launch Fast you'll also get...

  • Access to a private Facebook group specifically for this program
  • Daily action items
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Katherine
  • Worksheets to guide you through each week's topic
  • How-to instructions on programs & systems for creating and scheduling your content in advance
  • The opportunity to network and collaborate with others who are also passionate about succeeding in the music industry

Launch Fast BONUSES...

  • The first 2 people to sign up for Launch Fast will get a 1-on-1 hour strategy session with Katherine to redeem at any point during the six week program.
  • Through the end of January I'm offering $20 off Launch Fast registration - so grab your spot now before it goes up to $299 on February 1!

There is a place in this industry for everyone. You’re a leader and you’re ready to show 2017 that you CAN do this! Don’t sit back and watch everyone else get ahead… you are an innovator with an important message to share. And most importantly, you are ready! 

I can’t wait to watch you do big things this year!
Learn more about Launch Fast or email to chat with Katherine about the program!

PS. The first 2 to register for Launch Fast get a 1-on-1 Hour Strategy Session with Katherine to redeem at any time during the program.