Success Challenge

Success Challenge

I came to Starbucks to get some client work done today, but I was inspired to write instead.

The question on my mind is this… when was the last time you did something for your career that scared you?

Now I want you to think about what happened after you did “that thing.”

I bet something amazing happened! Right? You probably reached one of your goals or had a mindset shift.

So why aren’t we all pushing ourselves to do “scary” things every day?

Big shifts don’t happen overnight after just one “scary” move because it takes consistent effort to up-level... which is why I’m creating a June Success Challenge, and I want YOU to join me! Let's hit those goals and push our comfort zones together!

Sound good? Enter your name and email below to get the free June Success Challenge Week 1 Workbook.

On the final page there is space for you to write down four things that you're holding back on. Maybe you're nervous to send an email to a promoter or potential client? Are you scared to share the new music you're working on? Are you intimidated to reach out to someone who you admire because you're scared they might say "no"?

As you download the workbook, keep the following quote in mind as you go through the rest of the week: "You hold back only to realize there's nothing keeping you back, except yourself." - Rachel Wolchin

Stay tuned to your inbox next week because I'll be sharing Part 2 of the June Success Challenge with you then!

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Katherine Forbes

Katherine Forbes, Founder of Designing the Row

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