Stop the glorification of busy


I’m so guilty of answering the “hey, how are you?” question with a “I’m busy... but that’s good!” reply. Maybe this is you too?

I’ve gotta admit, when I turned over my calendar to August last week and saw how filled up it had already gotten, I had a quick moment of panic.

Glorification of Busy

Over the past few months I’ve caught myself making up projects so that I feel busy and productive… because being busy and always working is how you become successful, right?

Well, this month I’m saying no! It’s time to stop the glorification of busy. Wanna join me?

If you’re anything like me, the minute you get a new idea, you want to jump right in and make it happen. Or maybe you’re at your desk all day and anytime you get a new email in your inbox you stop what you’re doing to read it?

Hello, distractions.

If you’re tired of always being busy and feeling like you’re behind, here’s what I want you to do:

  • Enter your name and email to get download access and print out the Monthly Goals Worksheet.
  • Fill out your top 3 goals.
  • Under “make it happen” write out 8 specific projects or action items you need to focus on to reach your 3 main goals.
  • Define your word for the month. (Examples: Simplify, Focus, Learn)
  • Write down your joys (so you can try to incorporate them more into your daily life) and stresses (so you can avoid them).
  • Keep this worksheet on your desk or pinned to your wall where you’ll see it every day.
  • Whenever you don’t know what to work on or feel yourself getting distracted, refer to the worksheet!

Want to see how I’m implementing this in my business? Take a look behind the scenes...

My 3 goals

  1. Hit $ goal and get new exposure for me/my business.
  2. Don’t create anything new… work to maintain, automate, and get ahead!
  3. Be active… average 5k steps daily.

Make It Happen

Hit $ goal and get new exposure for me/my business.

  • Launch 4+ websites
  • Book 1 podcast interview
  • Guest post on 2 blogs
  • Meet with 4 business owners

Don’t create anything new… work to maintain, automate, and get ahead!

  • Create guidelines for Bestie Chat promo
  • Record website intro video(s)
  • Mondays are for Designing the Row tasks… creating content for the week
  • Book Bestie Chat guests through September

Be active… average 5k steps daily.

  • I used up my 8 “make it happen” items for the above goals, but my new FitBit lets me know once every hour if I haven’t gotten in 250 steps. And for the past 2 weeks my daily steps average out to exactly 5k!

Get the free worksheet download

Cheers to NOT being so busy this month!

I'd love to hear what your 3 goals are! Let me know in the comments below.

Katherine | Nashville Music Business Mastermind

Katherine Forbes, Founder of Designing the Row

A Music City girl obsessed with creating confidence in my clients through design, marketing, and community. In today’s world, your visual branding and online presence will either make or break you. I’ve got my Diet Coke in hand and am ready to get started on your next project.


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