How to stand out in a no-promo Facebook Group


Facebook groups seem to be popping up left and right these days. Don't you agree? Some people add you to their group without permission so they can sell to you (don't do this to me, I will leave), some people start a group and wait for the members to create the buzz (which doesn't happen), other groups that have been around for awhile have lost their purpose, some groups are flooded with people making long sales pitches but pretending to be "authentic," and then there is my favorite kind: the no-promo Facebook groups!

What is a no-promo Facebook group?

It's exactly what it sounds like! You're not allowed to share promotional posts unless the host shares a prompt (more on this below) and you're not allowed to drop links to your socials asking for follows or likes.

So what's the point? Why would I join?

When you're in a group where selling is not allowed, the conversations and connections become real. Honestly, who wants to scroll Facebook just to get sold to? Not me!

How do you stand out then?

After running my no-promo Facebook group, Music Biz Besties, for the past several months I've got a few ideas to share with you on how to stand out when you're not allowed to promote yourself.

  • First, understand why you're joining the no-promo group. While sharing promotional posts in Facebook groups feels productive, it's really not. Think about it this way... would you rather interact with a sales post or a person? People buy people, so just be yourself and build up your KLT (know, like, and trust) factor!

  • Introduce yourself when you join the group. You can even share what city you live in... people love it when they can relate to you! I know whenever I see a post of someone from Raleigh, Blacksburg, or Nashville they get an automatic like from me because we have something in common.

  • Participate in the daily prompts. In Music Biz Besties I share prompts each weekday where members are allowed to share promotions. Prompts also motivate members to continually participate and stay active.

    On Mondays I start a thread for members to share links to a specific social platform and I encourage those who comment to spread the love and follow several others.

    Tuesdays are for questions. We're all on similar paths and I believe we can all learn from one another. Some of the best conversations happen on Ask Tuesdays!

    On Wednesdays I switch it up. Either I share a Bestie Feature or host a #WednesdayWebinar.

    Share Thursdays are always fun. It helps when I start a particular theme like, "share your favorite Spotify playlist," or "share your favorite podcast(s)," or "share your latest blog post."

    Fridays are for #NewMusicFriday since it's a music group! On this thread members are allowed to share a link to their new music or their client's new music!

    Frequently participating in these threads will help you gain visibility but also keep your name relevant!

  • Ask questions and be vulnerable. Chances are, you're not alone! Which leads me to my next point...

  • Reply to others' questions if it relates to your expertise. This is one of the key ways to grow your KLT factor. Position yourself as knowledgeable and helpful and you will definitely stand out!

  • Encourage and support other group members. A short comment can go a long way! Maybe you like someone's Instagram feed... comment on their link and let them know. Did you watch their music video and love it? Tell them. Are they doing big things? Share some words of encouragement and cheer them on. It will mean so much!!

  • Connect with members on other social platforms... get to know them and what they do. If you're in my Music Biz Besties group, use the Monday social thread to find other group members on Instagram or Twitter. Comment on their latest image or RT one of their tweets. Be genuine and make real connections (what a concept)!

  • Connect in person! Have you noticed someone really killin' it in the group? Send them a message to let them know you're enjoying connecting with them in the group and see if they want to meet up for coffee. I've lost count of how many friends I now have IRL (in real life) thanks to Facebook groups!

  • Interact with the host's posts. Trust me, you'll get noticed! You never know what type of features or opportunities might come from this relationship (just sayin').

  • Be consistent. You can't show up one day and expect amazing things to happen immediately. Making true connections takes time. As long as you're consistently sharing value and being positive, you'll stand out (hint: standing out is easier than you might think).

  • Give a shoutout to someone else in the group. Do you really enjoy reading another member's blog? Share in the group something like this... "Shoutout to __. If any of you are looking for amazing content on songwriting, make sure to check out her blog, ___." It will make their day, promise!

Request to join Music Biz Besties today - we'd love to have you!

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