Social Media for Musicians

Do you ever think...

How am I supposed to keep up with #allthethings on social media?? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube.

I wish I had better social media branding! Where do I even start?

What do I even need to post on socials? So many analytics... not enough time.


Well, welcome to Social Media for Musicians!

Social Media for Musicians

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E-Course Overview

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  • Facebook
    • General
    • Advertising
    • Timeline
  • Twitter
    • General
    • Profile
    • Analytics
  • Instagram
    • General
    • Visuals
    • Hashtags
  • YouTube
    • General
    • Features
    • Verification
  • Workbook

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Katherine Forbes

Katherine Forbes, Founder of Designing the Row

Designing the Row is a web design and marketing studio based in Nashville, TN. I'm Katherine Forbes, and I love creating websites to help share others' music online. I believe there is more to a website than just pretty graphics and layout. Each website needs to reflect the design and music style of the artist but also have a marketing strategy to help fans navigate easily.


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