Designing the Row Relaunch!

Designing the Row relaunch | Nashville design and marketing company

You've heard me mention the Designing the Row relaunch over the past few weeks... and the day is finally here! So let's jump straight to the point - what's in it for you!?

New Products

Tour Manager


The 12 week daily planner designed to keep you organized on the road.

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Social Media Planner


The 24 week planner designed to help you plan, create, and organize online content

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Market Your Music Online Workbook
from 15.00

1st Edition (August 2016)
2nd Edition (October 2017)

Market Your Music Online takes out the stress and overwhelming guesswork while making it easy for you to create a consistent marketing strategy. It's filled with words I hope will inspire you to authentically create and perpetually grow an online fan base you love interacting with! 

This workbook is a collection of resources I have created throughout my time working in artist management, event planning, web design, and marketing in the Nashville music industry.

Whether you're a new college grad or a Grammy Award winning band with a record label... let Market Your Music Online become your go-to online marketing planner and resource.

I can't wait to see what you make happen, in music and online!

What's Inside?

Meet Katherine
How do you stand out?
Who are you talking to?
Why do you hashtag?
How do you keep track?
What is your brand style?
What and when should you post?
Is your YouTube channel good enough?
What's your email conversion rate?

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Use code RELAUNCH at checkout for a surprise discount.

New Video Courses

  • DIY Your Own Squarespace Website (this course includes access to the 2 below!)
  • How to Add a Store to Your Squarespace Website
  • How to Add SEO to Your Squarespace Website

DIY your own website with my proven strategies and design ideas. Learn more and get started today!

New & Improved custom services

  • Custom Website Design
  • Album Artwork Design
  • Brand Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Social Media Planning & Marketing

Fill out the form on this page (or hit reply) if you're interested in working one-on-one with me.

New & Improved Job Forum

The Music Biz Besties Job Forum has been a huge hit... and it now has a new look and more advanced functionality! Check it out.

There you have it... I love doing what I do - and it's all thanks to you! Each one of the products and services above has been created specifically for you. My hope is that using one of my products, courses, or working with me one-on-one makes your life easier... and you more confident in your online presence - because that's what it's all about!

Katherine Forbes | Nashville Website Design for Musicians

Katherine Forbes, Founder of Designing the Row

A Music City girl obsessed with creating confidence in my clients through design, branding, marketing, and community. In today’s world, your visual branding and online presence will either make or break you. I’ve got my Diet Coke in hand and am ready to get started on your next project.


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