Music Biz Besties Website Launch

It’s here!!… the launch of the Music Biz Besties website, of course!

Music Business Online Community

When I started the Music Biz Besties Facebook group, I had no intention of also creating a website. But that’s my thing, so are we really surprised?

Online music business community

As the group quickly grew by the hundreds, I had the idea to make a Bestie Directory. That way when you're looking to offer or find services, or when you need someone to sell merch at a show in a different city, or when you're traveling and want to meet up with some besties - you have a list to refer to!

Facebook Group poll

Over 40 of you said YES! So, I got busy.

What you’ll see at is an online network of amazingly talented women… both musicians and industry. You can search the site by city, keyword, or name. You can learn more about each person on their personal profile. You can email them about collaborations or ask their advice. You can even download the public directory for your own mailing list.

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”

To make this work though... I need your help! This online directory will only get more powerful the more it's shared!

So share your profile with your friends, share the FREE online course with your friends, share the application link with your friends! All I ask is that you be a bestie and SHARE!

We’re in this together. And I can’t wait to shout your name from the “internet rooftop!”

Katherine Forbes, Squarespace website designer

Katherine Forbes, Founder of Designing the Row

Designing the Row is a web design and marketing studio based in Nashville, TN. I'm Katherine Forbes, and I love creating websites to help share others' music online. I believe there is more to a website than just pretty graphics and layout. Each website needs to reflect the design and music style of the artist but also have a marketing strategy to help fans navigate easily.


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