Masha Alexis Website Launch

Masha Alexis | Music website design

I knew after my first conversation with Masha that I was going to love working with her... and I was right! During that call she told me she was prepping for her solo debut and to do that she'd just cleared out all of her online presence!! (OMG but how exciting for a fresh start!?)

So not only did I get to work with Masha on designing her website but also on her album artwork design, social media branding, and email list setup and design... and it was so much fun!

Make sure to click through below to check out her new site.

Final Branding Board

Masha Alexis website branding board | Designing the Row


Masha Alexis website design

Facebook Branding

Masha Alexis Facebook

Twitter Branding

Masha Alexis | Twitter

Listen to the new EP, Conkling Street

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