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"Acclaimed music writer/industry veteran John Lomax III announces today’s release of FOLK, marking the start of the Sesquicentennial birthday celebration of his grandfather, famed Texan folklorist, John Avery Lomax (Lomax Sr.). The unique album includes 16 solo a cappella performances, sung by Lomax III’s father, John Avery Lomax Jr. The CD illustrates the recordings gathered during multiple expeditions from 1908-1947, by John Avery Lomax and his son, Alan. In addition, The University of Texas Press will reissue Lomax Sr.’s account of these early recording trips in his 1947 autobiography, Adventures of a Ballad Hunter. The tenacious ballad seekers crisscrossed 35 states, recording 5,500 stories, cowboy melodies, children’s tunes, Appalachian ballads, prison laments, work songs and lullabies."

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