How To Be Your Own Tour Manager

How To Be Your Own Tour Manager

Hello, 2018!

If you’re a regular Designing the Row blog follower, you might be familiar with my “How to be Your Own Artist Manager” checklists.

Well, new year, new name!

I originally created the checklists as a way to help me stay organized at my artist management internship in 2011. It was my first introduction to the Nashville music business and I had no idea what artist management even was when I started - so needless to say, creating checklists were a must for me to stay organized and on track with what needed to get done.

Why the name change?

Even though I was at an artist management company, I was really working on tour management. You know, intern things like:

  • has the contract been signed?
  • has the show info been included in an email newsletter?
  • do we have the venue’s marketing plan?
  • what’s the address for load in?

Lots of details to keep up with!

And if you haven’t already noticed, I really love all things organization and keeping up with my planner… and several months after I started my internship I got hired because my checklists not only helped me, but also the owner of the company!

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How to use the checklists...

Checklist 1 will help you organize the "who and where"...
Venue, location, contact info, travel and lodging information

Checklist 2 will help you keep track of promotional details...
Announce dates, on sale dates, social media posts, and ticket counts


Let's plan together! I'd love to see how you use the checklists. Snap a picture and tag @designingtherow on Instagram.

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