"Rather than rely on dominant institutions to provide resources for improving diversity and inclusion, many music-industry members, particularly women, are devising their own solutions. From female-focused record labels and booking agencies such as Mint and FORBES 30 Under 30 Music winner Discwoman to online networks like, Women in Music, Music Biz Besties and female:pressure, thousands of women and counting are taking initiative to establish new mentorship and professional resources for each other on the fringes."

Diversity in Music Forbes

"As a current member of, Women in Music and Music Biz Besties, I can attest to how these organizations prove solidarity in the face of adversity, and demonstrate the power of diverse, open-minded attitudes in driving innovation and business. Whether in learning about interesting venues and job opportunities on a daily basis, in witnessing executives discussing the latest diversity news alongside self-starters and younger job-seekers, in connecting with like-minded people at conferences around the world or in sharing good news with a receptive audience, engaging with these networks has made me and other members more confident, informed and prepared when stepping into the professional spotlight."

- Cherie Hu,

Katherine Forbes, Music Biz Besties founder

Katherine Forbes, Founder of Designing the Row

Designing the Row is a web design and marketing studio based in Nashville, TN. I'm Katherine Forbes, and I love creating websites to help share others' music online. I believe there is more to a website than just pretty graphics and layout. Each website needs to reflect the design and music style of the artist but also have a marketing strategy to help fans navigate easily


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