Create: Word of the Month

Create | Word of the Month

A New Year often brings about a renewed mindset and resolutions.

Which is great, right!?

But it’s pretty rare that anyone actually sticks to those goals and resolutions for a whole 12 months. (I stayed in bed an hour longer than I wanted to this morning and it’s only January 2... that's going well 🙃)

So to start 2018, I’m challenging myself - and inviting you along - to a word of the month (instead of word of the year)!

For January, I’ve decided on create.

Create: Bring (something) into existence.

The beauty of this word is that it can apply to so many things!

For me this looks like…

Creating confidence for my clients through design
Creating community by bringing others together
Creating strength through exercise
Creating a peaceful mindset through meditation
Creating a relaxing home by cleaning and decorating

What are you going to create this month? Share in the comments below so we can all hold each other accountable!

Katherine Forbes | Tour Manager

Katherine Forbes | Founder of Designing the Row & Creator of Music Biz Besties

A Music City girl obsessed with creating confidence in my clients through design, branding, marketing, and community. In today’s world, your visual branding and online presence will either make or break you. I’ve got my Diet Coke in hand and am ready to get started on your next project.

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