Converting People Into Fans


Several weeks ago, Chris Goyzueta - Artist Manager, Live Event Producer, CEO of ONElive Music, Teacher at Full Sail University, AND Host of The Making It with Chris G. Podcast - joined me in Nashville for a workshop at Atmalogy. He brought so much good content to the table, I want to share some of my favorite takeaways with you here on my blog!

Converting People Into Fans

Instagram Hashtag Game

Let’s talk about Instagram for a minute because Instagram is how Chris and I met! I posted a photo of the draft of my new workbook cover with this caption: “Workbook proof take 2! Finally decided on a name and cover design... what do you think!? 😁”

And guess what, Chris replied, “Got my attention. When will this be available? Need some good books for my course at Full Sail.”


You can see I replied to his comment with my email address, and I heard from him very soon after! That moment is one of the most powerful moments I’ve experienced on Instagram because it opened the door to so much more.

So, hashtags. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes? But that’s how Chris found my photo. When you start thinking about hashtags as a way to connect and not as a way to beg for more likes - your Instagram game will change!

Do you share a photo and then sign off, or do you interact and reach out to others on the platform? Remember, it’s called social media! Today I challenge you to find 10 photos through hashtags and leave a genuine comment on each. Not that every comment will (or should) turn into a real life connection, but it will definitely help grow your name on the platform.

Twitter Conversations

Again, let’s talk about being social.

You will only get so far on Twitter by posting all about yourself with an occasional shoutout to someone else. Enter, Twitter Chats! During Twitter Chats you can talk about a specific topic with others while making new connections and strengthening your credibility.

If you’re in the music business, make sure to follow Chris and stay tuned for the return of his Twitter Chat, #MBTalk (Music Business Talk).


Photos & Videos Behind the Scenes

As an artist, it’s often easy to forget how entertaining the behind the scenes of your life actually is. Capturing these moments with photos and videos to share online with your fans will not only grow your social engagement but also allow fans to feel like they know you on a more personal level!

Maybe having Elton John come backstage at your show isn’t a realistic goal, but how amazing is this moment for Sarah Jarosz!?… and even more amazing that she captured it and shared with her fans!

Making It with Chris G.: The Podcast

While Chris was in Nashville, he also interviewed me for his podcast, Making It. The episode releases today and you can listen for free on iTunes!

About the podcast: Chris G. has been in the Music Business since 2006 as a concert promoter, artist manager, and booking agent. “Making It” is not about being on top of the charts, winning mainstream awards, or having millions of social media followers. Though those things are nice, that’s a very small percentage of the industry. “Making It” is about having conversations with people that do what they love full time, instead of being stuck with a career they hate. Throughout his journey, Chris has met many inspiring individuals who have in his eyes “made it” and who have an abundant amount of stories and wisdom that should be shared with the world of aspiring creatives, musicians, actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs. The objective of this podcast is to educate and motivate individuals by sharing stories of people who are “making it” every day.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from episode 1, featuring Greg Rollett

How are you supposed to know what you’re good at, what your passions are, if you’re not trying things. Just do something, if you have an itch, just try it out. My thing is just try it out for 90 days.
— Chris
Every artist is a business, you have to treat it like one.
— Chris
Your future is in your (email) list.
— Greg
You have the skills to do it, but you have to show the world you have the skills to do it.
— Greg



Katherine Forbes Converting People Into Fans

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