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Bestie Feature: Angela Mastrogiacomo

Angela has been part of the Music Biz Besties community from the beginning. Although we can't remember how we initially crossed path, I'm so glad we did. Last week Angela joined me for a Bestie Chat and shared her amazing insight on the PR side of the music industry and also on mental health... and I love her take on all of it!

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Bestie Feature: Tori Martin

I'm so excited to introduce you to Tori today - one of the most humble musicians I've ever met! When we first met we were talking about social media with a few others and I asked if she liked doing her own socials as a musician. Her response was very shy and she didn't let on to her following at all... then her husband cut her off and said, "don't let her fool you, she's very good at all of that, she's got a pretty big following!" 

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