Hey! Will you be a Designing the Row affiliate?

After almost 3 years in business it’s become very obvious that referrals have played a huge role in the growth of Designing the Row. And because of that, I am starting an affiliate program and would love to invite you to be part of it. Basically, keep telling your friends about DTR... but now whenever one of your friends launches a new site with us, you’ll get a 5% kickback.

Here’s how it works…

Offer your friends $50 off Designing the Row’s Basic, Advanced, and Premium packages and receive a 5% kickback when their site launches (and is paid for). That’s anywhere from $46 - $200 sent straight to you simply for referring Designing the Row!

If you’re interested, just fill out the form below so I know how to send you money (Venmo, PayPal, etc.), and then make sure your friends know to tell me that you sent them my way. I’ve also drafted up a couple email examples that you can customize and send out to spread the word, which you’ll also find down below.

Seriously - thanks so much for referring your friends to Designing the Row. It really does mean so much and allows me to do work that I love for amazing people every day!

💕 Katherine

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Email / Social Post #1

I just wanted to put it on your radar that if/when you decide it’s time for a new website, that I’ve really enjoyed working with Katherine Forbes of Designing the Row. She focuses specifically on designing sites for musicians and industry businesses so it’s been great because she knows exactly what needs to be done and always delivers quickly through clean and simple design that’s mobile friendly and easy to navigate. To celebrate 3 years in business, she’s offering $50 off her 3 main packages - and all you have to do is tell her I sent you.

You can check out her work at www.designingtherow.com or get in touch with her directly at hey@designingtherow.com.

Email / Social Post #2

I recently launched a new website and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed working with Katherine so much that I’ve decided to become an affiliate for her company Designing the Row. That means I can offer my friends a discount on her website design rates - so if you’re thinking about a new website, definitely check out her site and let her know I sent you if you decide to work with her so you can get $50 off one of her 3 main website design packages!

You can check out her work at www.designingtherow.com or get in touch with her directly at hey@designingtherow.com.


If you’d like me to create any custom graphics for you to share to promote your affiliate offer, just let me know!